Beam Loss detectors, wire scanners and gaseous detectors for the PS complex, SPS and LHC.


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Bernd DEHNING Section leader documents
Eva Barbara HOLZER Staff documents
Virginia PRIETO Staff documents
Gianfranco FERIOLI Staff documents
Jan KOOPMAN Staff documents
Jean-Denis SCHNELL Staff documents
Claudine CHERY Staff documents
Raymond TISSIER Cegelec documents
Laurette PONCE Fellow documents
Gianluca GUAGLIO Doct. Student documents
Michael Hodgson Tech. Student documents
Helge REFSUM Tech. Student documents
Fedrico RONCAROLO Doct. Student documents
Christos ZAMANTZAS Doct. Student documents


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Beam Loss Detectors Bernd DEHNING, Gianfranco FERIOLI related documents
Wire scanners Jan KOOPMAN related documents
Ionization Profile Monitors Jan KOOPMAN related documents
Gas Luminescence Monitors Jan KOOPMAN related documents
Secondary Emission Monitors Gianfranco FERIOLI related documents
SPS motors Jan KOOPMAN related documents
Luminescent Screens Gianfranco FERIOLI related documents
Fast Spill Acquisition Gianfranco FERIOLI related documents
Servo spill Gianfranco FERIOLI related documents

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