Beam Loss detectors, wire scanners and gaseous detectors for the PS complex, SPS and LHC.


Stepping motors

Many potentially beam intercepting instruments are driven by stepping motors. They range from lightweight Beryllium mirrors to heavy collimator blocks. These elements have to be positioned to within a few millimeters of the circulating beams with a precision of better than 10 micrometers. The elements are positioned with a screw and nut drive assembly coupled to one end of the stepping motor shaft. The position of the elements are monitored, for beam and equipment safety, in a completely independent way from the drive electronics of the stepping motor by resolvers. A resolver can be coupled to the opposite end of the stepping motor shaft by a wormscrew/wheel assembly which gives one turn of the resolver shaft for the full stroke of the desired displacement.

BBS install.jpg (38320 bytes)

An example of a detector (BBS) equipped with stepping motors.

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